A First For Me

The past week sure had everyone in a frenzy, and it seems to me that even though stocks have opened calmly yesterday and today, the cacophony of speculations are still more than capable of worsening things.

Yelp, it’s the first for me. Every single counter in my portfolio is in a sea of red, excluding CMT which however looks like it’s about to dive deeper.

I’m sitting on a paper loss of about 2.5K as i write this, can’t deny that i panicked and was flustered seeing such a drastic change in my portfolio.

What a harsh reminder to us that all equities can still put one in a tenuous position, especially for us neophyte investors who stepped in during the fervent bull market the past 2 years. (Me 😅😭😅)

I’m avoiding the urge to speculate and anticipate, as i can be quite impatient and quick to act. What i did over the weekend was to go through the fundamentals of my holdings once more, to reassure myself that i invested in them because of their solid quantitative and qualitative standings. I also reminded myself that i bought into these with the inwardly agreement that i would be happy holding on to them for 5-10 years. And as such, i did not end up selling any of my counters on impulse.

Im filled with trepidation, as i did put more than 80% of my assets into stock equities . So to those who are feeling the same way i am, with these thoughts running in circles inside that brain of yours: Should i buy into the diving counters? Should i sell now to reduce my losses? Should i act now? Should i wait a little more? Should i sit idly by and do nothing?

Calm down. It’s easier said than done but do try.

Lastly, although i did mention that i have trust in my choices, i am still a little worried about Singtel and Starhill Global. Both are counters in my portfolio and their outlook doesn’t seem to bright to me, with decreasing quality in their quantitative data. I will continue to strive and hope for the best.

Have you taken any market action the past week? Do share!


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