Concerns of a 22 Years Old Average Joe in Transition (ORD, University, and Stocks?)

In less than 2 months, I’ll be phasing through another major transition in life. From a soldier into a fresh undergraduate.

It has only just hit me just how much of a big change this is.

-No longer will i have additional time to pursue my side business and my language learning.

-No longer will i be unburdened by academic projects and the pursuit of excellent grades.

– No longer will i be able to enjoy free lunch meals.

– No longer will i be receiving any allowances from my military service.

Once again, I’ll be thrown back into the blood stained and beleaguered field of intellectual competition. I can’t say that i have not been waiting for this, and i can’t say that i do not look forward to university. But it’s just that having been in this state of semi-relaxation a.k.a potatoness for nearly 2 years, it’ll be a difficult change in all aspects. Mindset, financials, time management.

Currently, after book out i am not bounded by any deadlines, projects, tests, exams and i am free to arrange my schedule however i see fit. Be it seeing to my side business, continuing my language self study, hanging out with friends, reviewing my stock portfolio, continuing my online course module, i don’t feel stressed out and am not in a rush. I also don’t need to spend money on food if I choose not to as camp provides sustenance. This will all change once i ORD.

It’s also unfortunate to say that looking at the date now, the Scholarships i have applied for have most likely rejected my applications. I might not be having any financial support from the universities.

Just this morning i realised that in the past 2 months of lazing about in the topic of the stock market, my portfolio has turned even redder. In short, my position in Singtel and Starhill Global Reit has bit me hard and it hurts, the bleeding doesn’t seem to stop and both are seeing 52 week lows.


Although it is excruciatingly painful to look at the double digit percentage lost, Singtel is indisputably still one of the most liquid stocks in Singapore. I won’t delve into numeric data but it is the leading telco stock in Singapore that has it’s stake in several countries, unlike it’s counterparts. Furthermore, it has a robust and forward looking management that is always innovating.

Just recently Singtel’s CEO announced a promise of unchanged dividend for the next 2 years, and in 2018 Singtel declared a total dividend of 20.50 cents, its highest payout ratio since 2011.

Im inclined to say that a blue chip counter can be relied on but Noble Group is holding me back on this one. Nevertheless, i have faith that Singtel is still a leading stock counter that is set for a rebound, it might take 2-3 years, or even 5. But this dividend giving stock is one that is always innovating and i am placing my trust in it for the long term. Let’s hope that works out.

Yeap. So that’s Singtel in my opinion. These morning thoughts then led me to more concerns, it hit me really hard that i NOW have to worry about my University Tuition Fees and my Daily Expenses. Without my monthly NS allowance, and with significantly lesser projected time to work on my side business. I’ve calculated that I’ll be facing a mounting increase in expenditure that will tear deep into my savings. What’s worse is that a month back i spent another significant portion on the purchase of Raffles Medical. About 80% of my assets are currently in investments, any change in the market will significantly affect me and that is what scares me the most. But still, i know that this is the risk i accepted when i started investing.

Nevertheless, I’ll have to plan ahead and act now. I’ll have to do something about the impending marginal increase in expenditure, the contributions to my university tuition fees and the balancing of my stock portfolio. Ultimately I’ll need to cope with the change in schedule and lifestyle.

I can’t phrase this situation well enough, and i think this post has turned out to be more of a rant. But still i hope it gives you a little insight of the pecuniary concerns of a 22 year old who is transitioning into university.


4 thoughts on “Concerns of a 22 Years Old Average Joe in Transition (ORD, University, and Stocks?)

  1. Hi,

    I guess what I want to say is, yes, uni will be a busy period but there should still be time to monitor the market. I imagine your dividend-yielding stocks will slightly soften the loss of allowance and increase in expenditure.

    Do your best to look ahead and figure how to overcome this. I think it is impressive you started your investing journey a good deal younger than I did. And be proud your NS income has led to investing for greater returns than YOLO-ing it all away.

    When will uni start?

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    1. Hi Marksman,

      Yes it’s a double edged sword for me seeing how my portfolio is heavily inclined towards REITS. This means I’ll be achieving higher dividends returns with a higher risk concomitant.

      Thank you for your kind words but i still do feel that i have not been proactive enough. I do sometimes question myself on impulse buys and impulse sell actions, hahaha..

      University will commence in August this year for me!


  2. Don’t worry too much. Just get a tuition loan if necessary, interest free for 3-4 years is one of the best form of debt there is available. Within the time in uni, save up to prepare for the repayment of the loans so you don’t have to pay too much interest.

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  3. Hello MWM! Thanks for your advice, I really do appreciate it. Will look into the loans etc.

    It’s only been the first week of school so far, and I’m trying to gauge how my weekly expenditure will turn out to be!


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