Unfounded Sell-off?

Volatility and Uncertainty, these two words are perfect definitions of what the market has been.

Its been a busy 3 months transiting and settling down into university. Expenses have skyrocketed and income is now zero.

In my 4 years of investing, this has been the deepest red sea I’ve found myself swimming in. Honestly, i am trembling and am feeling trepidation. There have been many varying macro factors around the world, and there is a plenitude of negative consumer sentiments going around.

I too have been tempted to follow the herd in the recent sell-off, but once again resisted. Fundamentally speaking, my holdings should be largely unaffected. However, the unfounded and consecutive sell off has triggered a consecutive loss.

Personally, i am at quite a lost as this is a first. With about 80% of my assets in equities and stocks, my financial situation is largely dependent on the markets. However, i am confident of holding on to my current counters for 5 to 10 years if i have to.

As I’ve not updated my holdings on the other page in awhile, these are my current counters. Singtel and CDL are the current biggest losers, nevertheless the rest are also in the red.

  • Ascendas Reit
  • Ascendas India Trust
  • City Development Limited
  • Singtel
  • ST Engineering
  • Starhill Global Reit
  • Manulife US Reit

What do you think of my portfolio? Also, what are your thoughts on the current market?


12 thoughts on “Unfounded Sell-off?

  1. Whether good and bad times, there is only one thing to focus, and that is the fundamentals of the business. Look at the price only if you wish to add more. If not, you can just ignore he noise.


      1. It is not easy. If it is too difficult, it might mean you have too much % in equities. It takes time, but we all need to find our tolerance or limit for pain.
        But ultimately, our focus should be reading the news and tracking the development of the company not the stock price. BTW, I also have a lot in unrealised losses (in absolute terms), but it is good to have some buffer to buy the dips when there is really blood on the street.


      2. Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot. Deep down, i strongly believe and know that my counters are capable of making a good rebound in the long run. It’s just the pain of the red.

        Ah yes. Unfortunately for me i don’t have much of a buffer in my warchest to buy in for now or in the near term


  2. Don’t let your emotions guide your decisions. The counters you picked seem pretty solid and will continue to pay dividends. So just sit tight and continue collecting your dividends. You are young, I think it’s still easier to control your expenses at that age. I’m not sure If your parents are giving you some pocket money but you could also consider some part time work to diversify the sources of your income.


  3. Well, you did say you were investing for the longer term. A few months have past. And market has continued the downwards slide. So are you holding up and staying pat? Let’s see if you can withstand doing nothing. If you can live through this without losing sleep, you would come out battle-hardened after this! Stay strong.


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