Trade War & Stocks

Wow, just like that 5 months have passed. My last post was back in December and to be honest i haven’t realized until i checked back today.

I’ve been so busy with university, and have just finished my freshman year. Needless to say it was crazy and hectic, nothing compared to the mundane lifestyle of national service nor the cheery carefree years of polytechnic.

That doesn’t mean i haven’t been active in my investing activities, these past few months have offered me many shocks and setbacks (thank you Donald Trump!) I’ve made several buy and sells and am currently holding on to 7 counters – CDL, Manulife Reit, Singtel, Starhill Global, UOB, Keppel Corp, and Raffles Medical. I’ve only just bought the last 2 a few days ago.

Nevertheless, the recent bombshell news by Trump has once again sent everything in a frenzy. I’m currently down 3% of my total portfolio with the deepest reds coming from Singtel and CDL. I plan to hold on to these two for as many years as i can.

I have almost exhausted my war chest with the recent Keppel Corp and Raffles Medical buys, if Friday’s implementation of new tariffs sends the market into a bloodbath, i will not be able to buy in and will have to once again resist myself from panic selling.

That being said, I’m confident of these 7 counters for long-term survival and prosperity, and therefore will be blinding myself from the hell to come over the next few months too. Sometimes it really is best not to get too caught up with news, analyst reports, and word-of-mouth jibber jabbers.


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